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Digital Marketing Craft - Strategy

If Content is Fire, Social Media is Gasoline
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Sometimes we need a little help. Navigating the social media waters can end up taking an entire day and nothing gets done...

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Digital Marketing Craft - Strategy

Our Marketing, Tells The World That You Are A Rock Star...
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Let us focus on your marketing and you can focus on doing what you do well... We bet you've always wanted to be the rock star...

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Digital Marketing Craft - Strategy

Sometimes going viral is not a bad thing
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Let us help you go viral... In a good way though...

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Any business whether big or small needs a hand in marketing themselves every so often. There are of course benefits of having an agency handle your marketing services for you, especially as we navigate through the vast digital space. We are here to market you whether start-up, small or a medium business or even a larger business.

DMC - Strategy works with you to solve your challenge through digital innovation and strategy, while providing awesome customer experiences. We remain nimble as the changes in display and social SEM and SEO occurs. This also helps you grow and remain viable in your market space.

Consider how you will engage with your audiences - whether through web, content and branding services. Each solution has its unique style for each client.

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Team Work

Team work is what we do best. Our team meets with your team and we work out the strategy that best fits you. This is what makes your marketing stand out against the rest of the pack.

You know your ammunition and your team and how you are going to get to your bulls-eye target.

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When you need to get the job done in order to win, then, the initiative must be taken. Whoever needs to be called, emailed, booked, whatever needs to be created or developed - there is no time like the present.

Being proactive takes a certain sort of approach, and its that of being vigilant and positioning you and your business to pivot, and do so ahead of the pack.

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With us as your digital marketing agency you and your business earns the credibility it needs and much more. This includes our assisting you to increase your revenues which help to strengthen your cash flow position as well as high visibility.

How do we know? We keep doing it over and over...

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Since 2014

Digital Marketing Craft - Strategy

Digital Marketing Craft - Strategy provides marketing services for companies in various sectors. These sectors go from the Fitness niche to Women’s magazine and Funeral Parlors and even Jacuzzi Rentals, as well as to provide online content services for various businesses, just to name a few.

Furthermore, we are comfortable working with the single entrepreneur start-up to the multi-level business. Each strategy we design is tailored to your specific needs. After-all you have unique characteristics, so can your marketing services.


DMC- Strategy has also received an award (2017) from the UK based TMT Magazine for outstanding Digital Marketing Services.


Just a few of the included in the services of DMC - Strategy are:

  • Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Traffic & Marketing Strategy
  • Video Marketing & Email Marketing
  • Content Writing & Content Marketing
  • E-Commerce Marketing & Newsletter Design
  • Business Development | Off-line Marketing Strategy | Partnership Leveraging
  • Traffic Generation & Influencer Marketing
  • Blogging | Blog Creation or Blog Managment
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Benefits of Working with DMC – Strategy

Sure we know that there are a ton of other digital marketing agents out there - however, we lay our cards on the table for you to see. This makes it easier for you to work with us as well, and of course we invite you to talk to us.

  • Intensive SWOT Analysis of your Brand
  • Cost Effective Contractor Relationship (Business – to – Business)
  • Accountability
  • Creativity & Objectivity
  • Scalability & Flexibility
  • Niche & Micro-Niche Marketing

Additional Benefits

Focus - Working within this type of arrangement allows you to focus on your core business while remaining nimble. Additionally if you have any in-house teams they can retain their primary focus on the drivers and key indicators. We allow the existing staff to maintain momentum with critical projects.

Access – Reporting and access to data and insights. This also provides transparency as well as forecasting and strategy for sales, based on the interpretation of the data. Both you and us have access.

Nimble - Stay current on the latest marketing trends, without a learning curve. This ensures that the company can practically hit the ground running. This also saves time...You actually get a range of subject matter expertise with us...

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